Summer Break *Update*

Adivinhem quem voltou? Yeah, eu voltei gente e sei que vocês estão ai se questionando porque eu sumi, se eu abandonei meu blog etc... Não, eu não abandonei nada e nem sumi, só andei meio ocupada com algumas coisas, mas acredito que agora está tudo certo. E para que vocês não fiquem com "?" nas suas cabeças, deixe explicar por que andei tão sumida. Pois bem, eu me mudei! 
Isso mesmo, me mudei. Estou em uma nova casa, em um outro ambiente cheio de novidades para vocês. Yay!
Guess who's back? Yeah, I came back people and I know you are there questioning why I disappeared, if I abandoned my blog etc... No, I haven't abandoned anything or disappeared just walked a little busy with some things, but I believe now everything is alright. And for that there are no doubts, let me explain why I was so missing. I moved!
That's right, I moved. I'm in a new home in another environment full of news for you. Yay!
Para começar eu queria dizer que este lugar é maravilhoso. O clima é perfeito, nunca fica frio demais e nem quente demais, é sempre uma temperatura amena e aconchegante. Para mim que não gosto de exageros é o lugar ideal. Não tem muitos vizinhos e eu prefiro desse jeito, aprecio ter um pouco mais de silencio e a tranquilidade. 
To start I wanted to say that this place is wonderful. The weather is perfect, never gets too cold and not too hot, it is always a pleasant and cozy temperature. For me I do not like hype is ideal. Does not have many neighbors I prefer and I like that, I appreciate having a little more silence and tranquility.

Uma casa pequena, porém muito aconchegante, onde posso viver apenas eu e meus filhotes. Tenho um quintal enorme e uma linda vista pra praia, eu não poderia querer mais. 
A decoração da casa ainda tá um pouco confusa, porque andei com o tempo corrido e não pude arrumar tudo do jeito que quero, mas acho que dá para ter uma ideia. E bem, pode estar meio bagunçado, mas eu gosto e espero que vocês também. 
A small house, but very cozy, where you can live just me and my puppies. I have a huge yard and a beautiful view to the beach, I could not want more. 
The decor of the house 's still a little confused, because I've been with the run time and could not get everything the way I want, but I think you can get an idea. And well, it can be a little messy, but I like it and I hope you too.
Para finalizar gostaria de mostrar para vocês na foto acima o quanto meu cabelo cresceu nesses últimos tempos que andei sumida, normalmente eu uso muitas perucas e fica complicado saber o que é ou não meu cabelo, mas ta ai uma amostra. E olha o quão comprido ele tá. :o 
Bom pessoal, esse post foi mais uma atualização das novidades que eu trouxe para vocês, peço desculpa se ficou um pouco confuso, mas acreditem, também é confuso pra mim, a mudança, as organizações, os cuidados pessoais que preciso ter, tudo isso... De qualquer forma, espero que tenham gostado. xx. ♥
Finally I would like to show you in the picture above how my hair has grown in recent times I've been missing, I usually use a lot of wigs and is hard to know what is or not my hair, but is there a sample. And look how long it is. :o
Well guys, this post was more an update of the news that I brought to you, I apologize if I was a little confused, but believe me, it is also confusing to me, the change, organizations, personal care, all this... Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. xx. ♥


Outifit #002

Without further ado, I bring to you today a new outfit. Cute, delicate and very feminine.
I hope you enjoy! 
Without any specific background or new places, today the focus is just this wonderful outifit that I set for you. I'm getting constant questions in my IG about where I shop, a lot of my clothes and accessories are cute and they do not know any store so... Well, I don't have specific stores to shop, I just look for an item which I enjoyed and buy it in a light color, because as you know I love light colors. But if you are having trouble with this, here's a great tip: Look for Flickr of a owner of a store that you like, or some blogger and see your favorites, you will find other bloggers posts or vendors of new stores and events.
I'm using in this post:
Skin: VCO
Shape: Dokki Doki
Mesh body: The Mesh Project
Hair: Rezology
Eyes: S0ng
Lips: VCO
Hands: The Mesh Project
Shirt: Easter Coma
Skirt: Pixicat
Sandals: Violent Seduction
Headband: Half Deer
Glasses: TSG
Collar: Amala
Necklace 1: Sweet Thing
Necklace 2: VN
Necklace 3: Atomic
Ring 1 (Cupcake): PANIK
Ring 2 (Mel Heart): AUX
Ring 3 (Bow): PANIK
Ring 4 (Anchor): PANIK
Nails: TSG
Bracelet 1: TSG
Bracelet 2: Sweet Thing
Watch: Sweet Thing
Bag: Random Matter
Garter: Muka
( ! ): Probably some items shouldn't sell anymore and others I edit by myself, as nail for example, which are sold only for Gesture hands from Slink, but I edited it so that I could use them in the TMP's hand. So beware, inquire about what the product before you buy anything. 
xx. ♥

07/07* Updates

Hello guys!
I'd like to start apologizing for such delay to post here. I've been a little busy with some problems in my real life, but now I believe that I'm free to continue bring news for you.
Both my blog as instagram and twitter were in hiatus for all this period I was away, but come gradually updating the instagram and soon begin to create new products to my store. So if you've been wondering where I got myself and where are the news, don't worry that I'm back and I will be fixing this soon.

xx. ♥


Dokki Doki Store [NEWS]

 Hey guys, has news in my store, and you can't loose, run to see. ♥
Two poses pack with adorable and femine poses, and a cute female shape. 
At least every two weeks out something new in store, so go check and don't forget, I'm always accept orders.

Outifit #001

Hi fluffies, I was looking to my IG page and I'm very excited amount of people who have followed me and like my posts. I'm so happy! It makes me want to post more and more things for you. Because of this today I decided to bring you one of my cutest outifit in the world. And I hope you enjoy. ♥
Like you can see I return to earth and the first place I went again, was Tokyo. Remember? The small and cute Island from the first post about my travels. Yeah! I love this place. ♥
I'm using in this post:
Skin: VCO
Shape: Dokki Doki
Mesh body: The Mesh Project
Hair: Truth
Eyes: S0ng 
Lips: VCO
Hands: Slink
Stocking: Reign
Shoes: Reign
Bow: Truth
Collar: B.C.C
Necklace: Atomic

( ! ): Guys  I've been pretty busy lately, I've been working more on poses and shapes for my store, I'm trying to focus a little more about it, so maybe I'm a little distant. But soon I bring news. ♥ xx~



Home Planet ♥

Hello fluffies! ♥ 
So, has a few days I don't post here, I know. But everything have a reason.
Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm happy. I've only been away because I was traveling back to my home planet. Yes guys, I'm back to Venus and today I bringing you some news about that amazing place. 
Venus is a beautiful and amazing place, so as a welcoming and cozy home. And I'm sure if you also lived here, would feel that comfort is to be among these magical creatures and these eccentric landscape. I was born and I lived on this planet for much of my life, until a moment decided to travel and see new places, new creatures, new diversity. So today I live on Earth. But I never stop being in love with this place. This place I missed so bad. 
For you who do not know this planet and the life existing in it, today I brought you some samples of what is Venus.
 A very cute place, need a cute outifit so this time I abused in pastel and delicate.
The shades don't vary much. Only the slightly darker to lighter.
I'm using in this post:
Shape: Dokki Doki
Mesh Body: The Mesh Project
Skin: VCO
Lips: VCO
Hair: Taketomi
Ears: Mandala
Hands: Slink
Shirt: The Mesh Project
Skirt: Vincue
Shoes: Flite
Halo: Half Deer 
Horn/Ears: Half Deer
Earring: Bunbun
Collar: XYZ
Necklace: Atomic
Bracelets: TSG
Hope you all enjoy. ♥