Dokki Doki Store

Hello guys, today I want just to share with you a little of my store on Marketplace. For those who don't know, Marketplace is a sales site in Second life, where you like me, have a little lag to be going on heavy landmarks can shop in peace. OF COURSE it is much more limited and not all stores are there, but yes you can find incredible items there. Even freebies, hehe~
In my store for example, you can find static poses for pictures and shapes made by myself.
For now, I don't have many items, my sales aren't that great and so I usually wait a while before creating new items, but I have about 5 shapes and 7 pack of poses. Counting with one freebie.
And yes, I accept orders, but please, don't ask me to do shapes
inspired by famous, cause I don't know if I can do.
XX, Lya.

Visit the store here