A short walk through France.

Hello fluffies, today I'll bring you this amazing experience in Saint-Jeannet, a beautifull and rustic farm in France. I gave a brief stop by before catching the flight back to my hometown, and I must tell you this place is incredibly amazing. There is no lull greater than waking up in the morning, in a soft bed, look out the window, see the gentle rays of sun entering your room and listen to the birds singing. I spent only three days there, and say to you, I have future plans to return.
Graine et Ficelle is a rustic farmhouse that was built from scratch by his creator, is located in the mountains and is open doors for those who want to find the magic of the earth, animals and respect the environment.You can count with an incredible comfort, each apartment has its own kitchen and suites, not to mention the peoples who work there. They are quite generous and lovely, you feel like you're at home.
So if you want to experience a relaxing trip, invigorating and extremely rewarding, Graine et Ficelle is right for you.

Much more colorful this time. As you can see I selected a few shades of the scene, why? Well, because I don't really mixed the tones in that outfit. I used a more basic clothing with more light and neutral shades.

I'm using in this post:
Shape: Dokki Doki
Mesh Body: The Mesh Project
Skin: VCO
Lips: VCO
Hair: Doe
Ears: Mandala
Hands: Slink

Shirt: The Secret Store
Pants: Kitja
Boots: TSG

Earrings: VN
Collar: XYZ
Necklace: VN
Bracelets: Tsg
Ring 1: Random Matter
Ring 2: AUX
Bag: Random Matter

 I Hope you enjoy guys, xx. ♥