Home Planet ♥

Hello fluffies! ♥ 
So, has a few days I don't post here, I know. But everything have a reason.
Don't worry, I'm fine, I'm happy. I've only been away because I was traveling back to my home planet. Yes guys, I'm back to Venus and today I bringing you some news about that amazing place. 
Venus is a beautiful and amazing place, so as a welcoming and cozy home. And I'm sure if you also lived here, would feel that comfort is to be among these magical creatures and these eccentric landscape. I was born and I lived on this planet for much of my life, until a moment decided to travel and see new places, new creatures, new diversity. So today I live on Earth. But I never stop being in love with this place. This place I missed so bad. 
For you who do not know this planet and the life existing in it, today I brought you some samples of what is Venus.
 A very cute place, need a cute outifit so this time I abused in pastel and delicate.
The shades don't vary much. Only the slightly darker to lighter.
I'm using in this post:
Shape: Dokki Doki
Mesh Body: The Mesh Project
Skin: VCO
Lips: VCO
Hair: Taketomi
Ears: Mandala
Hands: Slink
Shirt: The Mesh Project
Skirt: Vincue
Shoes: Flite
Halo: Half Deer 
Horn/Ears: Half Deer
Earring: Bunbun
Collar: XYZ
Necklace: Atomic
Bracelets: TSG
Hope you all enjoy. ♥