Little tutorial

Hi guys, today I bring you a little tutorial about my mesh lips.
Some people have asked me as I set my mesh lips so perfectly in sl. Well, there it is, isn't perfect!
Yes there are imperfections around the mesh, if I probably change the skin tone, or the windlight in my viewer, you will see. The only thing I do is adjust the skin tone for a very similar to the skin that I am using, and edit the lips to hide some imperfections.
As you can see, the difference in skin tone is huge and when I change everything seems to get better but some imperfections remain there, that is where you will find a windlight to hide it.
In the picture above, I'm using my usual windlight, which I use for shooting. I never, NEVER change my windlight, because I love the pastel tone that he has and it fits perfectly with my avatar. If you have problems finding an ideal windlight, you simply create your own. It isn't complicated, and you can modify it as you want and when you want.
Yes, I created my own. But you can get very cute windlights here.
By the way, I love this blog. ♥
( ! ): I'm using the mesh lips from VCO, and I don't recommend you buy them unless you go buy a skin the same store, or already have one. Most skin tones that are available in lips hud are pale, so if you have more tanned skin, don't recommend to buy it.
You can look for a skin more tanned in VCO store, but I don't think they exist.

I hope to help all you guys. Any question, you can ask. ♥