Well, here I will specify all the items that I usually use in my posts, so I don't have to keep repeating the description of each one. It will be easier not only for me, but for you too.  
I usually don't change what makes up my body. Sometimes I change the skin a little, or the tone of it. But in general I don't change much. The shape is always the same and the mesh body / head as well.

This is what I usually use on my body:
My shape is from my store "Dokki Doki", you can find it on Marketplace. There you can find others shapes, but it isn't compatible with any mesh body. But I accept orders, so if you want something, just ask me.
My mesh body is Maitreya Lara. I really love this body so hardly will I change. I used to use the TMP one, but I decided to change when I noticed that the stores didn't release many products. And I'm happy like that.
My mesh head is from Catwa, the Catya one. And what I can say about it? I really love this head and I think I don't need to change it.
My skin usually it's momo, from more more, but I can change it when I find another so cute as this one. What I think difficult.
My ears are from Mandala. I don't usually change that much. Sometimes switch to one with earrings or reamers, or elf's ear. But I usually use all of Mandala.
My bento hands and feets. There is no mystery. I use the bento hands and feets what comes with the maitreya lara body. I really like them, so I don't change it.
 My mesh eyes is from Catwa. I normally use appliers on it.

And thats it! If I change anything I'll put it in the description, so don't worry.
xx, Luna. 

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